June 22, 2020

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Hook Up With Me On Mixcloud!

For a Turntablist with a moderately good skill set I’ve got a piss poor following on Mixcloud! Not too worry it’s my own fault. I’ve had the account for ages but get caught up in the NORT stuff. Anywho, here is the link to my MixCloud page. I’ve signed up for the live

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All News And Blog Posts

Cube-Loops Turntablist Sheet Music System Live

Just a quick blog post to mention that Cube-Loops Turntablist Sheet Music System is now available here on the website at the link at the bottom of this post. I have literally just copy/pasted the latest version of it from a couple of years ago so it is full of outdated quotes, and maybe

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All News And Blog Posts

DJ Phel DMC World Finals. 2005!

This is the Dj Pfel 2005 DMC World Final Set.  I stuck this in the “moments of gold section” for one part of the set that absolutely blows my mind.  It’s a simple but hugely effective tone piece you can find at 5:09 in the video.  While not strictly a tone peace (its a tune

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Author Mini Bio:

Amatuer Turntablist (I don’t play out – I assume that makes me an amatuer?) and all round fan of the art of the DJ, the 4 Elements of Hip Hop, Turntablism and scratching and all this tech and equipment related.

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