DJ Phel DMC World Finals. 2005!


This is the Dj Pfel 2005 DMC World Final Set. 
I stuck this in the “moments of gold section” for one part of the set that absolutely blows my mind. 

It’s a simple but hugely effective tone piece you can find at 5:09 in the video. 

While not strictly a tone peace (its a tune in its own right) DJ Phel captures musicality at its natural finest for the few seconds of this set. 

It’s well worth noting that he barely gets into any overcomplicated scratch patterns. It’s all about the sound and how it harmonises with the other playing track. 

This kind of stuff is a lost art in modern Turntablism. 
If you can be arsed to take the time to find some really nice melody parts that can be scratched over a similar-sounding second track, then you’re onto a party peace of a winner. 

Get it learned.  

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