Hook Up With Me On Mixcloud!

Matty England Mixcloud DJ Account

For a Turntablist with a moderately good skill set I’ve got a piss poor following on Mixcloud! Not too worry it’s my own fault. I’ve had the account for ages but get caught up in the NORT stuff.

Anywho, here is the link to my MixCloud page. I’ve signed up for the live video stream so it’s going to be nice just logging into a legal streaming system rather than the constant painful process of modding and updating the NORT website.

Theres only a few mixes on there at the time of writing. 4 mixes to be precise each with 4 totally different genres and mix styles. I’ll be adding plenty more over the coming weeks and months as well as hosting a load of my own tutorials here at the website.

If you’ve got a mixcloud account I’d appreciate the follow using the link below. I’ll see you in the chatrooms!

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